Some of my 2013 Talks

In my role at 4D I am a Developer Advocate I speak a bit at meetups and conferences.

Here are my slides and notes for 2013. After the event I will add some more information about the talk to the slides so that they act a bit like a journal.

This repo is hosted as a website at .


Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

Date Event City / Location Topic / Slides
2013-11-26 4D Summit EU Paris, France 4D Summit Keynote - co-speaker
Video: 4D Mobile Keynote Talk
Video: C_OJECT in 4Dv14
2013-11-19 4D DevConf or 4D Entwicklerkonferenz Eching, Germany 4D Mobile Keynote Talk (keynote file)
Wakanda Google Glass Talk
2013-10-25 JS.everywhere(2013) Treasure Island, San Fransisco, CA - Winery SF Hosting Event and JS in Glass Talk
2013-10-17 4D Summit Los Vegas, NV - Cosmopolitan hosting event and two keynotes
Video: Fun Intro to Keynote (but add an 8)
Video: Part 1 Keynote
Video: Part 2 Keynote
2013-10-10 The Great WebDev Debates Los Gatos, CA - eBay Responsive Design vs Adaptive Design - Moderator Slides
2013-10-05 Silicon Valley Code Camp Wakanda & Google Glass - html - SlideShare
2013-09-12 Digital Arts and New Media Orientation University of California at Santa Cruz []
2013-07-25 NYC.JS New York, NY - AlleyNYC Glass Wakanda Slides
2013-07-24 NoVa.JS Meetup Washington DC, AOL Glass Wakanda Slides
2013-06-14 Web-5 Conference Béziers, France - The IUT of Béziers Get the Server Side our of the Way with Wakanda - My Slides
2013-05-21 Seattle JS Seattle Washington - Filter Digital seattle.html
2013-05-20 Seattle Web App Developers Group Seattle, Washington - Adobe Wakanda
2013-04-18 Great WebDev Debates Mountain View, CA - PayPal How to Run a Front-end Engineering Team - Moderator
2013-03-19 Lyle Leaves UCSC University of California at Santa Cruz Slides of my history at UCSC]

Got any photos of an event I participated in? Send me a pull request! or just email. - Thanks

Presenting at Seattle JS

Date Event City / Location Topic / Slides
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